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Service items

? Providing patent protection counseling
? Providing domestic and foreign patent searches and surveillance services
? Expertising on patentability analysis and issue legal opinion about the constitution of patent infringement
? Commissioning domestic and foreign patent applications of invention, utility model and designs (technical fields cover: chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, polymers, electrical and electronic engineering, electronics, communications, computer sciences and mechanism etc).
? Commissioning petition of reexamination and petitions of announcement for invalidation
? Commissioning alteration in bibliographic data, payment for maintenance fee and annuity, assignment and recordal& publication for license exploitation of patent
? Investigation and mediate-negotiation for know-how assignment and license exploitation of patent, drafting legal documents and dealing with legal procedures
? Commissioning patent customs recordal and customs control
? Patent prosecution for reexamination decision and decision on request for patent invalidation
? Providing legal advice and litigation support for patent dispute and infringement
? Filing administrative complaint or lawsuit for patent disputes and infringement
? Other issues related with patent