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Enterprise service

Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights Protection

We provide an all round investigation service and litigation support in cases of unfair competition in the fields of patent, trademark, copyright, title of enterprise, designation and decoration, computer software, integrated circuits and trade secret. We undertake administrative and criminal clampdown actions for the aforesaid cases or institute legal proceedings. We are effective in our prompt response and raids against infringing activity.


Patent Early Warning Service

Through collecting, managing and analyzing patent and non-patent literature information, domestic and foreign markets information and other information in relevant technical fields about the main products of the business, we give early warning to the decision makers of the enterprise about any patent disputes that may occur and an outline of the possible extent of harm such would cause.

Strategy Research Service

We help enterprises understand the implementing patent policy, direction and supporting policy of government, clarifying developmental status and prospects within industry. We amalgamate a wide range of information resources into one network, making an effort to highlight market tendencies and obtaining the information to enable our clients to be amongst the first to respond. We keep a close watch on the domestic and international development of the frontline technology of our clients and their rivals in relevant fields in order to provide the latest comprehensive global technical counseling and support for future planning and development strategies for our clients. We objectively and professionally analyze the development tendency of every single product and tailor special short, medium and long terms product layout combinations and prospective forecasts to ensure our clients are the first to make changes to adapt to the ever-changing global business climate.