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Jin Mai Lang Company starts Implementation of Standards of Enterprise IPR Management

On October 19, 2017, Jin Mai Lang Company hosted a kick-off meeting for the implementation of standards of enterprise IPR management in headquarter Xingtai, Hebei.
General Manager of Business Department, heads of the major departments, including the HR department, Research & Development department, marketing department, supply department, legal department, operational center, productive operational department, product planning department, financial department and the liaison officer for intellectual property attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the General Manager of the operational center, Li Feng.

During the meeting, General Manager, Li Feng expressed that intellectual property management is urgently needed for Jin Mai Lang company, they do not only want to pass accreditation for the implementation of the standards, but also to follow through on each section of intellectual property management, to integrate intellectual property in every session of business management, reinforce intellectual property rights protection, reduce business risks, and make intellectual property on of the driving factors for a rapid and steady growth of the company.
The three intellectual property experts (Yang Liping, Cao Hongbo and Ye Litao) from Beijing Genuineways Intellectual Property Agency explicitly introduced the importance of the implementation of the standards and the implementation procedures, explained patent search and analysis, and further guided the work based on the analysis of the corporation’s situation. The three experts are part-time examiners for Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Company with intensive experience in the implementation of the standards. The three experts jointly take the task of implementing the standards. They cooperated well and combined their expert knowledge. Great importance was attached to the implementation of the standards in Jin Mai Lang Company.
Jin Mai Lang Group is a modern comprehensive food company engaged in manufacturing, scientific research and development and operations. The company has won a high reputation all over china for its high production level of convenient food and well-known brands “Jin Mai Lang” and “Hua Long”, etc. Great importance is attached to intellectual property work, intellectual property department is established in the operational center, with designated dedicated staff responsible for trademark, patent and intellectual property works.
Beijing Genuineways Intellectual Property Agency will assist Jin Mai Lang Companyon implementing the standards with all its efforts, bring the management of intellectual property up on a new stage and to make it the first company in the field of convenience food to start implementation of the standards.