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Genuineways Law Firm

Genuineways Law Firm was founded in 2000 , belonging to Genuineways Inc. Genuineways Law Firm is a partnership law firm approved by the Ministry of Justice. With professional experience in due diligence work style and excellent performance over the years, Genuineways Law Firm is on a good reputation in government departments, the judiciary, research institutions, legal appraisal institutes and Medias. Genuineways Law Firm has close cooperation with them which ensure we can provide fast, accurate and comprehensive service to meet the growing needs of customer. To provide high quality professional services, Genuineways Law Firm sets up various departments according to actual need for different business units. Partners, lawyers, paralegals and experts work in various business units to concentrate on specific need of legal business. Genuineways Law Firm provides our customers with "one stop" professional services to meet the economic globalization process various needs with Genuineways Intellectual Property Agency and Genuineways Consultancy Centre.

Genuineways Law Firm has professionals who are expert in various fields. They not only have good educational background, but also have rich practical experience in related fields for many years, so that they have capability to solve any difficult problems. Many of them have overseas background, work, study or training, so that they build up well relationship with foreign colleague and they are familiar with foreign working habits to help them to communicate with foreign client to provide legal services in China, or provide abroad legal service for domestic clients.

Genuineways Law Firm obeys team-work which could ensure to provide high quality services for our client, and meet requirements under economic globalization of economic activities, social activities and increasingly complex challenges of legal activities. We will arrange an appropriate team of professionals, with experts if necessary, to handle any complex matters entrusted by our clients. We provide you with the service, is the result of concerted efforts, the collective wisdom.