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Anti-fraud investigation

nInsurance fraud investigation
Insurance fraud has constitutes a great proportion of so-called ‘white-collar crime’ in the US. In China, as insurance services prosper and grow, insurance fraud has become increasingly common. Insurance fraud can be exceptionally difficult to detect, hence, our firm has developed counter insurance fraud investigation techniques and cultivates a group of experienced professionals with public security, procuratorate and judicial background. They possess insight into how fraud can be committed and have a deep knowledge and experience of and in the field, and, with professional investigation devices and management software, have developed into one of the foremost teams in this particular field, offering a service other less professional companies cannot hope to match.
We will utilize all kinds of resources to conduct an investigation into the authenticity of false insurance consignment and large sum insurance consignment, to investigate and appraise the insured party, insured goods, looking into witnesses and material evidence.
nBank account and property investigation
If the client has legitimate reason, we can investigate the given bank, enterprises, government institution and personal property and their bank account, search and collect materials of the target such as financial status, loss and profit account, debt status, recover repudiated debt, dead debt and conduct a full length follow up and investigation.
nInvestment environment, review and research before the listing of a company
We can make an on site inspection over the investment environment relating to industries such as finance, real estate and agriculture, make risk assessments and feasibility assessments and research the potential risk existing in the market in which the client wishes to invest and seek development and business opportunities for the client. We can make professional assessments and forecasts over market background and market status quo before the enterprise prepares for domestic and overseas listings and we also collect competitive commercial information.