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First Company in China’s Sugar Industry Implements IPR Management Standards

On October 23, 2017, Changling Sugar Manufacturing Company of Guangxi Nongken Sugar Industry Group hosted a kick-off meeting for the implementation of standards of enterprise IPR management, making it the first company in sugar industry in China that starts to implement pertaining the standards.
The General Manager of the company, Qin Duiming, Deputy Director of Shangsi Technology Bureau, Chen Bingke, heads of all department of the company, liaison officers for intellectual property and four experts on assisting the implementation of Rules, including Yang Liping, Cao Hongbo and Li Qiuqi  introduced by Beijing Genuineways Intellectual Property Agency attended the meeting.

On the kick-off meeting, the General Manager Qin Duiming mentioned that the company currently has 5 sets of management regimes that are well-functioning and well- managed. The implementation of standards is a moment in time and the establishment of the system is of great significance for risk prevention in productive operations. Qin Duiming hopes that all staffs will follow through with the implementation of the standards in the company.

Fangchenggang Technology Bureau attached great importance to the implementation of standards, Deputy Director of Shangsi Technology Bureau, Chen Bingke said, that the government specially set aside funds for supporting companies to implement the standards for enterprise IPR management. Changling Sugar Manufacturing Company, as a company with an advantage in IPRs and at the forefront of IP work in the Province, hopes that enterprises and agencies work closely together to follow through with their work and create a model for other enterprises to follow.
The four intellectual property experts from Beijing Genuineways Intellectual Property Agency (Yang Liping, Cao Hongbo, Li Qiuqi and Zhu Zhikuan) explicitly introduced the background, the implementation procedure and the requirements for the standards, explained patent search and analysis, and further guided the work based on the analysis of the corporation’s situation. The four experts jointly assumed the task of implementing the Rules. They cooperated well and shared their expert knowledge. Great importance was attached to the implementation of the standards by Changling Sugar Manufacturing Company. 

Changling Sugar Manufacturing Company is subordinate to Guangxi State Farms. It is a national Agriculture Industrialization Leading Enterprise and has been established for over 40 years; the company’s development strategy focuses on reliance on science and technology, it owns advanced production facilities, established strict quality control and perfect after-sale service. “Chanling Brand” sugar manufactured by the company has been graded on top of the list by national light industry cane sugar quality supervision and inspection and obtained the right to use the “Green Food” label. The trademark “Chanling” has been evaluated as a Guangxi Famous Trademark for many consecutive years. The company attaches great importance to intellectual property and the implementation of standards, it has established 5 sets of well-functioning and well-managed regimes, including a system for Implementation of Standards of Enterprise IPR Management .Taking active part in the intellectual property work, the company enjoys an advantage in IPRs.

Beijing Genuineways Intellectual Property Agency will assist Changling Sugar Manufacturing Company in the implementation of the standards with all its efforts, bring the management of intellectual property up on a new stage and protect the development of the corporation.